Granddaughter of post-impressionist painter Georges Dufrénoy, I was born in 1965 in the family home Place des Vosges in Paris. I grew up with art, but it was not until adulthood that I began to paint. I started drawing and painting in several ateliers, with Marie Valette at Montauban, then at Versailles with the painter Olivier Mérijon. For over 10 years I exhibit and participate in Parisian salons such as the Salon d’Automne and the Salon of New Realities.


My work is all guided by the search of harmony.
It is for me, vibration, echo, fertile and jubilant convergence between elements or people.

It is the way I feel in front of big areas of protected nature, but also sometimes in my relationships, in this space, this interspace between people.

The space is therefore a fundamental element of this resonance. It is the place that the connection needs to be, that circulates the air, that the breath passes …

Moved forms, oppositions of mediums, metaphoric evocations, this is the way I recreate in my paintings a kind of imaginary world where the spectator can travel according to his sensibility.